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Slip Rates

Washington Park Marina

April 1 through November 1
Slip Size
25' Water & Electric $1700
30' Water & Electric $2125
35' Water & Electric $2490
40' Water & Electric $2990
45' Water & Electric $3570
50' Water & Electric $3950
60' Water & Electric $4950
100' Water & Electric $8700

If the desired slip length is unavailable, you may rent the next size up (at its regular rate) and submit request to transfer to slip of your choice.

Slip extension - Add $100 per foot.

Seasonal slip fees include 1 bath house / gate fob and two parking passes, plus one dock box.

Additional key fobs: $15 each
Additional parking passes: $30

E-Z Port Rental fee: $540
Includes 1 bath house/gate fob and 1 parking pass

Transient slip rental rate is charged by slip size, e.g., 32 ft. vessel in a 35’ slip is charged $35. Overages are charged an additional $1.00 per foot. Minimum daily rate is $35.

ONR Monthly Fee 30-ft. slip = $725
ONR Monthly Fee 35-ft. slip = $875
ONR Monthly Fee 40-ft. slip = $1025
ONR Monthly Fee 45-ft. slip = $1200
ONR Monthly Fee 50-ft. slip = $1450
ONR Monthly Fee 60-ft. slip = $1800
ONR Monthly Fee EZ-Port = $110

Add WUF to all monthly rentals.

Charter Boat Surcharge = $250 per season

Watercraft User Fee applies to 1st month only

Free Wi-Fi available at Washington Park Marina

Did You Know?

Trail Creek Marina

Trail Creek Marina
Click for larger

Trail Creek Marina
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April 1 through October 25
Slip Size
25' Floating Dock Water & Electric $1240

Monthly Rates:
ONR Monthly Fee 25-ft. slip = $250
Trailer Storage per month = $50
ONR Monthly Fee In/Out Service = $345 (Outside Rack only)

Watercraft User Fee applies to 1st month only

Ramp fees:
Daily: $10 plus parking fees
Seasonal: $100 plus parking fees
Trail Creek Ramp Pass: No charge to Michigan City residents

Transient slip rental minimum daily rate is $30
Overages are an additional $1 per foot

Slip Extension - add $80 per foot

Slip fees include water & electrical as well as 1 gate fob and two parking passes
*Does not include rack customers*

Inside Rack (up to 24-ft. only) - $1,400.00
Covered Rack (up to 24-ft. only) - $1,200.00
Outside Rack (up to 24-ft. only) - $1,100.00
Ground Rack  (all boats up to 30-ft. apply) - $1,500.00

Boat on Trailer for Season (with TCM Ramp usage) - $530
(Over 25' - add $70 per foot)

Trailer Storage Rates:
Single Axle = $125.00
Double Axle = $180.00
Triple Axle = $225.00

Sprague Pointe Marina

Slip Size Rate/Season Slip Extension
25' Floating Dock $800 $80 per foot


Monthly = $180.00

Monthly trailer storage = $50

Certificate of insurance required to rent slip/rack.

Watercraft User Fee applies to 1st month only

Sprague Marina

Winter Storage and Service Rates

Winter Storage packages include haul-out, bottom wash
(for boats with anti-fouling paint), storage & re-launch.

Inside storage subject to availability.

Inside storage customers MUST have their boats out
of the building & launched no later than April 10th.

Winter Storage
Inside Storage per sq. ft.
On Customer’s Cradle
or Jack Stands - $6.25
Outside Storage per linear ft.
On Customer’s Cradle
or Jack Stands - $27.00

Click image to view larger

Rack Storage

Winter Storage pricing for current summer rack customers only.

Inside for boats up to 24’ - $725
Inside for boats over 24’ – add $35 per ft.
Covered for boats up to 24’ - $425
Covered for boats over 24’ – add $35 per ft.
Outside for boats up to 24’ - $375
Outside for boats over 24’ – add $35 per ft.

Rack Storage Rack Storage Rack Storage

Click to view larger

Boat on Trailer Storage

Outside up to 26’ - $375 Outside 27’ and up - $425

Haul-Out Fees

…from Ramp
…with Forklift
…with Hoist
$50 w/ use of P.A. Vehicle
$55 / non-customer $100
$7.50 per ft / non-customer $8.50

Launch Rates

Hydraulic Trailer Use @ Ramp $35
Temporary Blocking $125
Hang in Hoist (per day/per ft.) $1.50

Boat Pick-Up & Delivery

Trail Creek Marina
Washington Park Marina
Other local marina

Winterization (per unit)

Air Conditioner
Water System
$70 per hr.
$11 per gal.

Oil Changes

Gasoline Engine
Small Diesel Engine
Large Diesel Engine
Standard Oil
Standard Oil Filter
Gear Lube
$8.65 per qt.
cost per quart
cost per quart

Bottom Cleaning

Boats w/ anti-fouling paint -
Boats w/o anti-fouling paint -
Hull Cleaner
Muriatic Acid Cleaner
$5.50 per ft.
$11.50 per ft.
cost per gal.
cost per gal.

Engine Removal / Set-In

P.A. Slip/Rack Customer


Battery removal – ½ hr. labor
Battery Installation
Battery Charge
Labor Rate
Mast: Set On
Bridge: Set/Remove
Bottom Painting: per foot
Paint: misc. materials
Paint: Standard per gallon
Paint: Ablative Marine per gallon
$35.00 per unit
$35.00 per unit
$35.00 each
$70 per hr.

Overnight Rentals

The Michigan City Port Authority welcomes transient boaters to our Washington Park, Trail Creek, and Sprague Pointe marinas.  Washington Park Marina opens April 1st and closes October 31st.  Trail Creek and Sprague Pointe Marinas open April 1st and close October 25th.

Washington Park Marina Overnight Rental Rates

  • Overnight rental rates starting as low as $35.00
  • Monthly rates at Washington Park Marina are also available
  • Contact the MCPA office at 219-872-1712 for rates.
  • All charges are based upon slip availability.
  • All boat lengths are measured by LOA.


Trail Creek Marina Overnight Rental Rates

  • $30.00 per night for boats 25’ and under.
  • Trail Creek Marina monthly rate is $250.00.


Sprague Pointe Marina

Boats 25’ and under:
Monthly rentals only $180.00 (NO daily rate).

No overnight rentals.

MCPA marina amenities include:

  • Modern, air conditioned bath houses (except Sprague Pointe Marina)
  • Newly remodeled Laundry Facility at WP
  • Fuel Dock dispensing diesel and alcohol free gasoline
  • Free pump out service available with fuel purchase
  • Only 30 nautical miles from Chicago
  • Marinas located next to or near beautiful Washington Park, Zoo, Casino, Shopping – Check links for exciting summer events

Michigan City Parks Michigan City Festivals Visit Michigan City Laporte Marina Map

Fuel Dock & Pump-Out Services

Click here for details.

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